MyBrainTrainer Memory Game

MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0

MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0 is a game designed to train our memory
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MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0 is a shareware game designed to train our brain. It gives us the opportunity of improving our concentration and memory abilities. We can download the trial version free from the developer's website and play it for 3 days. We can purchase the game online or directly from the game’s interface. The games have 3 levels of difficulty. There are 8 matches for beginners, 10 matches for intermediate level and 12 matches for advanced level. We can introduce our own nickname and select an icon. It is possible to enter the name for several players and save the score history for each of them. We can customize the game by adding images, setting the parameters, etc. In the game, we are shown several cards for a given time. Then the cards are turned back and we must remember their position and match them as quick as possible. The cards feature animals, cars, flags, world wonders, flowers, antonyms, words, arithmetic, and playing cards. There is a timer. We can also see the number of matches, number of tries and pairs remaining. We can pause and stop the game. After we finish matching all the cards, we can see our score history. It runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX operating systems.

Review summary


  • Free downloadable demo
  • Easy to install
  • Friendy user's interface
  • Good graphics
  • We can add our own images


  • None
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